Syscom V3

Communication software: SYSCOM V3

Communication software SYSCOM V3 for SYCLOPE controllers.


  • Traceability and data centralization
  • Alert management
  • Display data management
  • Data export
  • Optimizing management of water supply
  • Multi-site supervision
Composition6 Modules of control
  • Data STORE: traceability and data centralization
  • Data ALERT: Alert control
  • Data SHOW: Display data management
  • Data WEB: Data export
  • Data OPTI: Management of water supply
  • Data SERVEUR: Multi-site supervision
Data STOREData centralization
  • Recording of controllers data (MODBUS -RTU)
  • Display values in table and/or graph and/or synoptic
  • Calculation of simple variables from measured data
  • Recording of daily averages and totals
  • Setting alarms: high threshold, low threshold or target area
  • Computer optional

Main module to associate with the following modules
Connection: Local, Ethernet, RS485 (MODBUS)

Data ALERTAlerts control 
  • Sending of alert messages and acknowledgment when the alarm is off
  • Transmission of alarms generated by email to one or more recipients
  • Alarm transmission on dry contact

Connection: Internet

Data SHOWDisplay management 
  • Data management on display
  • Permanent or temporary posts parameter

Connection: Ethernet, RS485 (MODBUS)

Data WEBData export
  • Exportation of measured or calculated data to client website
  • Option: creation of customer web page

Connection: Internet

Data OPTIManagement of water supply
  • Management of water supply according to water quality

Connection: on a case by case basis

Data SERVEURMulti-sites management
  • Information centralization and technical parameters management of the various data STORE
  • Real-time supervision of various sites
  • Data SHOW management

Connection: Internet

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