Water treatment for private pool

To ensure that your private pool is a place of conviviality, well-being and sharing… and above all not of stress concerning the quality of the water in which you bathe, SYCLOPE Electronique has developed a range of controllers specially designed for the treatment of water in family swimming pools.

simplicity, efficiency, safety

Thanks to the new HYDRO’TOUCH range, you are assured of simple, effective and secure monitoring of the quality of your pool water. Combined with the HYDRO’Com, the entire pool can be managed remotely via your Smartphone, tablet or PC.

This equipment ensures you control of the physico-chemical parameters of the water for optimal water quality.

Enter the professional world dedicated to the private pool.

Our products for the management of your private pool

Qualité d'eau optimale avec l'HYDRO touch pH et redox


For optimal water quality of your private pool

piscine connectée - hydrocom


For a remotely connected and controlled pool

Sondes de mesures et électrodes SYCLOPE

Measuring probes

A wide choice of pH, redox, chlorine sensors…

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