Chambre de mesure gravitaire - chlore, pH piscine
Measuring cells

Piping cell

Piping cell for an analysis without water loss

The SYCLOPE’s piping cell allows a measurement on gravity return without loss of water. These chambers, specially created for swimming pool applications, have been registered and patented by SYCLOPE Electronique. The water intake is carried out at the level of the overflow channels.

Piping cell possible measures :

  • Free or total chlorine by membrane amperometric probe and compatible with the stabilizer,
  • Active chlorine by membrane amperometric probe,
  • pH,
  • Temperature,
  • Redox (oxidability).
The advantages of gravity return cells

The PLUS for your use


Single or multi-parameter measurement cells

Water intake at the level of the overflow channels

Adaptation to PVC, steel, stainless steel or HDPE pipes

Easy maintenance

Integrated measurement converter for measurement offset

1 to 4 measured parameters

Optional flow sensor

  • Public swimming pools
Analysis cell for pH and other parameters
  • No pressure

Technical manual


Regulation of public pools

Public and collective swimming pools are governed by different water treatment standards to be respected…

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