Water purification for consumption on aircraft

SYCLOPE Electronique has developed a new automatic continuous chlorination unit for the water purification intended for passengers on board…

automatic production unit for drinking water

This solution allows the potabilisation of water by continuously analysing and regulating the water and thus guaranteeing compliance with water quality standards. Chlorine is produced by salt electrolysis and therefore does not involve the handling or storage of dangerous chemicals. The unit is offered as a complete skid for water regulation and on-site chlorine production. It is also possible to remotely monitor the water parameters and to obtain drinking water at all times.

Each unit is dimensioned according to requirements.


Gérard Marque – Technical and Security Manager at Pau-Pyrenees Airport

” We provide daily water for consumption by passengers on board aircraft.
This water must be free of pathogenic micro-organisms and any foreign matter that may be harmful to health.
As such, we have a responsibility to put in place appropriate measures to provide water that is safe for human consumption.
These measures concern the maintenance of aircraft water supply equipment, disinfection and good practices in terms of the use of the equipment.
To this end, we also carry out water analyses and must, among other things, ensure that the chlorine level is between 0.3 and 1.1mg/l.

In order to guarantee these results, (not achieved in previous analyses), we asked the company Syclope électronique to develop a complete drinking water production system to guarantee a chlorine rate in pure respect of the airline companies’ requirements. The equipment supplied is an automatic chlorination unit using salt tablets for chlorine production. There is no more handling or storage of chemicals. Water quality is optimized and the use of the equipment is safe.”

Our autonomous chlorination unit

unité de potabilisation et de production de chlore sure site pour aéroport

Autonomous chlorination unit

Drinking water unit for water consumption on board aircraft

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