Drinking water treatment used for aircraft

Automatic drinking water treatment system used for passengers on board

SYCLOPE Electronique has developped a new automatic chlorination unit for water purification for aircraft passenger consumptionunite de potabilisation aeroport pau pyrenees

This solution allows to analyze and control continuously the water quality in order to met with airport standards. The chlorine production is done by salt electrolysis and therefore does not induce manipulation or storage of chemical products. The unit is packaged in a complete skid for water regulation and chlorine production on-site.

It is possible to follow the water parameters remotely and obtain a permanent drinking water.

Each unit is sized according to the client needs.

Pau-Pyrénées Airport is equipped with a potabilization unit

Unité de potabilisation aéroport de pau

In order to guarantee employee safety and proved optimum water quality for passenger consumption, the PAU-PYRENEES Airport has been equipped for 1 year with the SKI 1000 water treatment unit.

Gérard Marque, Technical/Safety Manager, testifies.