traitement d'eau - legionelle
Analysis & Control

Legionella treatment

Legionella treatment in domestic hot water

The PANOPLIE ECS PRO has been specially designed for the treatment of legionella and the measurement of chlorine concentration in domestic hot water systems. This equipment is equipped with an amperometric measuring system guaranteeing an optimal accuracy of the measurement WITHOUT WATER LOSS.
This equipment is the only system without water loss allowing an amperometric chlorine measurement with a direct reading of the chlorine concentration in mg/l.

It can also be used to combat legionella problems in domestic hot water.

The ECS PRO range offers many advantages and ease of use

The PLUS for your use


Water savings of 100 to 200 l/hour

Dosing safety by monitoring the flow rate in the measuring chamber and in the event of a shutdown of the circulating pumps in the mains loop

Complete, pre-assembled and pre-wired equipment for quick and easy installation...

Made in France

  • Domestic hot water
Measured parameter
  • Chlorine
  • Amperometric probe without membrane
  • Pressure resistance 7 bars
  • High temperature 70°C
  • Solution without water loss
  • Direct attachment to the network

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