Autonomous unit of potabilization and chlorine production on site

unite de potabilisation aeroport pau pyrenees

Autonomous unit of water treatment and chlorine generation

SYCLOPE Electronique has developed a new water purification unit for the treatment of water intended for consumption on board aircraft. This system allows to continuously analyze and regulate the water and at the same time produce the chlorine necessary for its disinfection. 2-in-1 equipment for water treatment and chlorine production on site.


  • Potabilized available permanently water for consumption on aircraft
  • Continuous measurement and analysis of water
  • On-site chlorine production by salt electrolysis
  • No manipulation or storage of dangerous products used for treatment
  • Complete skid for water regulation and chlorine production
  • Remote tracking
  • Adaptable and dimensionable according to the sites

Testimony of Gérard Marque, Technical/Safety Manager at Pau-Pyrénées Airport (French)


  • Consumption of water on aircraft
  • Simple and low frequency maintenance
  • Automatic process for continuous analysis
  • Simplified installation “Plug & Play”
  • Potabilized water reserve permanently available
  • Modular and adaptable equipment according to the sites
  • Maintenance of chlorine concentration in water according to standards
  • On-site chlorine production
  • Automatic and continuous control of the chlorine concentration in the tank
  • No handling or delivery of dangereous chemicals products
  • Hydrogen Detector
  • No emanation of chlorine vapor (hermetic tank)
  • Remote monitoring of water quality

Pau-Pyrénées Airport installation
Automatic chlorination unit of 1000 l for potabilization

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