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Water Turbidity Probe

Turbidity probe for water quality analysis

SYCLOPE offers two ranges of water turbidity probes.

Turbidity probes TUR20XX

The probes measure the turbidity of the water by infrared radiation at 90°. The probe provides a 4-20 mA analog signal for connection over long distances.

Turbidity sensors TURBIPOOL

The TURBIPOOL turbidimeters type TUC00xx are used to measure turbidity in the control of spring water, process water (reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration…), swimming pool water, liquids in food processing and water pollution monitoring. Available in European version (infrared) according to ISO7027 DIN EN27027 or USA (white light) according to EPA 180.1.

What are the advantages of turbidity probes for measuring in water?

The PLUS for your use

Accurate and reliable continuous analysis

Rapidity of execution

Sonde de mesure de la turbidité – TUR20xx

  • Swimming pool water
Measurement and precision
  • Turbidity NTU or FNU
    FNU = Formazin Nephelometric Units
    NTU = Nephelometric Turbidity Units
  • 0,05 NTU
  • Response time <60s
Measuring range
  • 0-2 NTU : TUR2002
  • 0-5 NTU : TUR2005
  • 0-10 NTU : TUR2010
  • 0-20 NTU : TUR2020
Output signal
  • 4-20 mA passive
Loop power supply
  • 12 to 36 VDC isolated
  • 7.5V + (R(load) – 0.02A)
  • Maximum: 36 VDC
Body Material, Dimensions and Weight
  • PVC black
  • 105 x 125 x 170 mm
  • 1600 gr
Max. operating pressure
  • 1 bar
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
  • 0 to 50 °C
  • -10 to 60 °C
Relative humidity
  • 90% maxi without condensation

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