COOLPAC : equipement de gestion de l'eau des tours aéroréfrigrantes

Legionella prevention

COOLPAC range is used for the water quality management of cooling tower.


  • Suitable for the most stringent requirements for cooling tower monitoring with more than 10 possible actions (measures, dosing, traceability…)
  • System ensuring continuous treatment against legionella by devolution attached to conductivity measurement or volumetric metering and treatment by temporel dosing and/or oxidizing and non-oxidant biocides regulated
  • Treatment security ensuring by automatic permutation in volumetric management in case of failure of conductivity sensors
  • Conductivity measurement by conductive or inductive conductivity sensors
  • Oxidizing biocide control available by timers and/or continuous measurement
  • Communication software : COOLPAC Surveillor for local or remote consultation and programming, data transfer, traceability and backup, data export…
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Biocide dosing management according to the seasons
  • Viewing of current an previous system status


  • Cooling tower
Control of tower bleeding
  • Volumetric (combined volume + purging time)
  • Conductivity: graphite or inductive sensor
Control of 2 biocides
  • 2 types de biocides
  • Dosing of biocides:
    • continuous
    • programmable timer
    • timer with control (oxidizing biocide)
    • timer injection, up to 16 timers
  • Injection cycle with pre-bleed and bleed locking
  • In case of bleeding, priority of biocides injection
  • Warranty of biocides injection time
Control of 1 dispersing product
and 1 corrosion
inhibitor product
  • Continuous injection
  • Cycle injection
  • Injection by bleeding time ratio
  • Volumetric injection depending on the filling
pH control of tower
  • Automatic injection by programmable pH
  • Choice of control direction (pH+ or pH-)
  • 1x conductive conductivity input
  • 1x 4-20 mA input for continuous measurement: oxidizing biocide
  • 1x 4-20 mA temperature input for compensation of conductivity measurement
  • 1x 4-20 mA input for inductive conductivity sensor or pH
Relay contact inputs
  • 1x counter pulse input
  • 1x remote control input
  • 1x level contact input
Relay outputs
  • 1x 230 V bleeding control relay
  • 1x 230 V biocide n°A (oxydizing) control relay
  • 1x 230 V biocide n°B control relay
  • 1x 230 V corrosion inhibitor control relay
  • 1x 230 V dispersing control relay
  • 1x 230 V alarm or pH control relay
Analogical outputs
  • 2x 4-20 mA programmable outputs (controls or data transfer)
Communication output
  • Coolpac Surveillor
Supply voltage 
  • 230 VAC – 50/60 Hz – 5 A

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