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Water quality management of cooling tower
Cooling tower water treatment

The COOLPAC range has been specially designed for water quality management of cooling towers and to fight against legionella.

COOLPAC offers many assets and advantages

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Adapted to the strictest requirements for monitoring water quality in cooling towers with more than 10 possible actions (measurements, dosages, traceability, etc.).

Continuity of treatment

System guaranteeing continuity of treatment against legionella by deconcentration fixed on the conductivity measurement or by volumetric counting


Treatments ensured by temporal and/or regulated dosages of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides


Process safety ensured by automatic switchover to volumetric management in case of conductivity probe failure

Conductivity measurement

Conductivity measurement with inductive or conductive conductivity probe

Timer or continuous control

Regulation of the oxidizing biocide possible by timers and/or continuous measurement


High adaptability and possible configurations for optimal water quality management in cooling towers

Management by seasons

Management of the dosage of biocides according to the seasons


Consultation of the current status of the system and previous cycles

Made in France

  • Cooling towers
Tower deconcentration management
  • Volumetric (cumulative volume + purge time)
  • Conductivity: graphite or inductive probe
Management of 2 biocides
  • 2 types of biocides
  • Biocide dosage :
    – continuous
    – programmable timer
    – timer with regulation (oxidizing biocide)
    – injection by timer, up to 16 timers
  • Injection cycle with pre-purging and locking
  • In case of purging, injection of priority biocides
  • Guaranteed biocide injection times
Management of a dispersant product and a corrosion inhibitor product
  • Injection mode :
    – continuous
    – cyclic
    – by purge time ratio
    – volumetric in relation to the filling
Tower pH management
  • Automatic injection by programmable pH
  • Choice of regulation direction (pH+ or pH-)
Measuring inputs
  • 1 conductive conductivity input
  • 1 input 4-20 mA for continuous measurement: oxidizing biocide
  • 1 4-20 mA temperature input for conductivity compensation
  • 1 input 4-20 mA for inductive conductivity or pH sensor
Dry contact inputs
  • 1 pulse counter input
  • 1 remote control input
  • 1 level contact input
Relay outputs
  • 1 relay 230 V deconcentration control
  • 1 relay 230 V biocide control A (oxidizer)
  • 1 relay 230 V biocide control B
  • 1 relay 230 V corrosion inhibitor control
  • 1 relay 230 V dispersing control
  • 1 relay 230 V alarm or pH control
Analog outputs
  • 2 programmable 4-20 mA outputs (control or data transfer)
Power supply
  • 230 VAC – 50/60 Hz – 5 A

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