INDIGO: pH or chlorine control

The INDIG’O range of instruments are single-parameter measurement and control units for monitoring the quality of swimming pool water.
They ensure thepH and chlorine control and regulation in a simple and intuitive way.

The advantages and assets of INDIGO :

  • Turnkey equipment
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Any type of basin volume
  • Any type of chlorine or bromine
  • Attractive price and low operating costs
  • Self-diagnosis of operation: indication of sensor maintenance + indication of legal thresholds


INDIGO pH or chlorine control

  • Collective swimming pool
  • Camping
  • Hotel
  • Thalassos
  • Spas
  • Temperature
  • or pH
  • or ORP (redox)
  • or Chlorine
  • or Bromine
  • 1x 4-20 mA input for amperometric sensor or potentiometric for pH or ORP sensor
  • 1x control input for enslavement of regulation
  • 1x 4-20 mA transfer output
  • 1x power relay output max 5 A / 240 VAC
  • 1x alarm output on dry contact relay
  • 1x proportional control mode
  • 1x ON/OFF control mode with hysteresis
  • 1x stop control mode
Types of alarm
  • Depending on low/high threshold
  • Flow control of cell measurement
  • Without
Power supply
  •  90 – 240 VAC – 50/60 Hz
schema de traitement d'eau avec l appareil TEREO


Public and collective swimming pools are governed by different water treatment standards to be respected.

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