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Qualité d'eau optimale avec l'HYDRO touch pH et redox

Water quality control of your private pool

Models of the HYDRO Touch range

The HYDRO Touch range, with touch screen, has been developed for a simple and efficient management of your private pool.
Different analysis and regulation equipments will be proposed to you according to your needs for an optimal control of the quality of the water of your pool.

You have several regulators to control the water quality of private pools…

  • pH : pH control with control and injection of acid/base
  • ORP : analysis and control of the Redox (ORP) for pool treatment by oxidant (chlorine, disinfectant…)
  • pH & ORP : analysis and control of pH and ORP
  • pH & Chlorine : analysis and control of pH and Chlorine (DPD1 measurement)
  • pH & Chlorine plug: analysis and control of pH and chlorine for the management of an electrolyser
  • pH+ & pH- : analysis and control of pH+ and pH- for the correction of unstable or variable pH
  • Tempo : dosing of remanent products without chlorine : active oxygen, hydrogen peroxide
  • pH and Tempo: pH correction and active oxygen injection
  • ORP/plug: oxidant analysis and dosing with 240 VAC, 2A power output for direct control of an electrolyzer or an electromagnetic dosing pump
  • Panel mounted pH & ORP with measuring cell
Panneau HYDRO TOUCH : Controle pH, redox en piscines privees
HYDRO Touch pH and chlorine for private pools
Panneau HYDRO pH/ Chlore prise pour contrôle et gestion d'un électrolyseur

New in 2021: HYDRO Touch pH &Chlorine – pH & Chlorine plug

HYDRO Touch pH and chlorine for private pools
Panneau HYDRO pH/ Chlore prise pour contrôle et gestion d'un électrolyseur

SYCLOPE Electronique has used its know-how to develop the new HYDRO’Touch ph/chlorine and pH/chlorine plug, an equipment mainly dedicated to private swimming pools .

This analysis and regulation device allows to control and manage pH and chlorine in swimming pools. The proposed chlorine probe measures free chlorine and offers a direct reading in mg/l equivalent to the DPD1.

HYDROTouch pH/Chlorine panel

These analysis and control devices allow the control and management of pH and chlorine in swimming pools. The proposed chlorine probe measures free chlorine and offers a direct reading in mg/l equivalent to the DPD1.


  • Free chlorine measurement
  • Direct reading in mg/l equivalent to DPD1
  • Pre-assembled and pre-wired panel for easy use and installation
  • Analytical chamber with integrated low water monitor
  • Self-diagnosis of injected product quantities with overdose alarm
  • Adaptable solution from 40 to 80 m3

HYDROTouch pH/Chlorine plug panel

The HYDRO Touch pH/Chlorine plug allows the measurement and control of the pH as well as the management of a chlorinator via an amperometric chlorine measurement. This new functionality ensures the control of a good quality of the water of the swimming pool. These devices have been specially developed to guarantee optimal operation of the electrolysers.


  • The same advantages as the pH/Chlorine panel
  • + Adaptation to all electrolysers on the market and all pool volumes

The Plus of this 2 panels

  • Simplified commissioning
  • Large touch screen for better viewing
  • Self-cleaning probe
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance and few consumables
  • Quiet, self-priming peristaltic pump to prevent product siphoning
  • Remote monitoring (optional)
  • 100% French conception and manufacturing

Explosive precursors

The HYDRO Touch range is 100% compatible with the new chemical concentrations

Following the new legislation on the concentration of pH, Sulfuric Acid (max. 15%) and Hydrogen Peroxide (max. 12%) in swimming pools, chemical manufacturers are putting new products on the market to meet this regulation.

For the HYDRO Touch range this does not change anything because our regulators are totally compatible with these new concentrations and guarantee :

  • Operation not disturbed by new chemical concentrations,
  • Adaptation to already installed controllers,
  • Dosing pumps with flow rates up to 2.4 l/h for optimized injection times,
  • Adjustable dosing times to avoid blockages in the injection of the product,
  • The guarantee of the same water quality!
More information on the new product concentrations
The HYDROTouch range offers many advantages and ease of use

The PLUS for your use

Professional device

Professional analysis and regulation equipment for water quality control in private swimming pools

Easy to handle

Touch screen for intuitive, simple and direct navigation

Quality of the probes

High quality electrodes delivered in a sheath for winter storage

Different pump flows

Different choices of pump flow rates to best fit the pool volumes

Dosing Modes

Proportional or hysteresis dosing mode

Remote management

Remote management via HYDRO'Com (optional)

Peristaltic pumps

HYDRO'Touch equipment is equipped with reliable and solid peristaltic pumps.


3 year warranty excluding consumables

Product customization

Customization of products possible according to the quantities ordered

Made in France

  • Private swimming pools
Pumps available
  • Pumps of 0,4 – 0,8 – 1,6 – 2,4 l/h
Main features
  • Overdose alarm
  • 1-point calibration possible (pool value)
  • Self-diagnosis of the electrodes
  • Adjustable sensor polarization times
  • Self-check of calibration with warning message
  • CAD for regulation shutdown without supply shutdown
  • Low level feedback from chemical tank
  • Relay on independent timer for injection of e.g. flocculant
  • Flow controller for measuring chamber
  • Dry contact output for general alarm
  • Temperature measurement on double parameter versions
Type of regulation
  • Proportional on pH or ORP, pH & ORP, ORP tap, pH tap, pH ORP tap ranges
  • Timer on the Tempo range
  • Proportional and Timer on the pH/Tempo range
Electrolyser control
  • ORP socket + pH/ORP socket
Probe placement
  • Piping or analysis cell option
Associated communications
  • RS485 as standard
  • Remote communication via HYDRO’Com (optional)
Power supply
  • 240 VAC

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