Water quality control of your private swimming pool

The HYDRO’TOUCH range, with touch screen, has been developed for simple and efficient management of your private pool.
Different analysis and regulation equipments will be proposed to you according to your needs for an optimal control of the water quality of your swimming pool.

Models from the HYDRO’Touch range:

  • pH : pH control with regulation and acid/base injection
  • ORP : analysis and regulation of Redox (ORP) for swimming pool treatment by oxidant (chlorine, disinfectant...)
  • pH & ORP : analysis and regulation of pH and Redox (ORP)
  • pH+ & pH- : analysis and regulation of pH+ and pH- for the correction of unstable or variable pH values
  • Tempo : dosing of chlorine-free residual products: active oxygen, hydrogen peroxide
  • pH et Tempo : pH correction and active oxygen injection
  • ORP/plug : oxidant analysis and dosing with 240 VAC, 2A power output for direct control of an electrolyser or an electromagnetic dosing pump
  • pH & ORP panel mounted with measuring cell

Advantages and assets of the HYDRO’Touch range :

  • Professional analysis and regulation equipment for the control of water quality in private swimming pools
  • Touch screen for intuitive, simple and direct navigation
  • New design
  • Top-of-the-range electrodes delivered in sheaths for winterization
  • Different choices of pump flow rates to adapt to the best tank volumes
  • Proportional or hysteresis dosing mode
  • Remote management via HYDRO'Com (optional)
  • 3-year warranty excluding consumables
  • HYDRO'Touch equipment is equipped with reliable and solid peristaltic pumps.
  • Customization of the products possible according to the quantities ordered


HYDRO Touch FOR private pools

  • Private swimming pools
  • Dosing pumps of 0,4 – 0,8 – 1,6 – 2,4 lh
Main features
  • Overdosing alarm
  • Possible calibration in 1 point (pool value)
  • Self-diagnosis of electrodes
  • Adjustable polarization time of the sensors
  • Self-checking of the calibration with a warning message
  • CAD for regulation switching off without power failure
  • Information of low chemical tank level
  • Independant timer relay for injection (eg of floculant)
  • Flow control for cell housing
  • Dry contact alarm output
  • Temperature measurement for the version with 2 parameters
Type of
  • Proportional for pH o ORP, pH & ORP, ORP prise, pH ORP prise range
  • Timer on the Tempo range
  • Proportional and Timer on the pH/Tempo range
  • ORP prise + pH ORP prise range
  • Canalization or cell housing option
  • RS485
  • Remote communication with HYDRO’Com (in option)
Power supply
  • 240 VAC
traitement de l'eau en piscine privée

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