Plexiglass cells – PMMA

Chambre de mesure modulaire ou monobloc PMMA : temperature, chlore, pH, redox, débit

Transparent measurement cells


  • Various applications: drinking water, sanitary hot water (max.: 70°C), process water, swimming pool water…
  • Modular and single block measurement cells
  • Adaptation to all types of amperometric sensors
  • Possible connection either on samplings with discharge to the waste water evacuation or in closed pressure (max.: 8 bars)
  • Control system by micrometer scew to adjusted sample flow
  • Visual and flow control by magnetic float into the measurement cell
  • Material available: PVC/EPDFM, PVDF/FPM…
  • Tubing connector: PVC, acetal, PVDF, stainless steel according to the application
  • Max. pressure: 8 bars


  • Drinking water
  • Sanitary hot water
  • Process water
  • Swimming pools

Modular measurement cells


  • Swimming pools
  • Industries


  • Possibility to add different modules according to your needs
  • Economical solution
  • 1 single sampling for all measurements
  • Available with different tubing connectors
Configurations available
  • 1 flow module
  • PG13,5 sensor module for pH, ORP
  • 1/2” kit for temperature sensor
  • 1” amperometric sensor module or other sensors

Single block measurement cells

Applications :

  • Industries
  • Drinking water
  • Sanitary hot water


  • Single or multi fixation sensors
  • Clear, robust and compact
  • High pressure and temperature resistance (max. pressure: 8 bars / max. temperature: 70°C)
Configurations available
  • Flow function incorporated
  • With or without PG13,5 or 1/2” for pH, ORP, temperature sensors
  • 1 place for 1” amperometric sensor

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