Dosing and Storage

Chlorine gas

Chlorine gas line for water disinfection

For the disinfection of water in public swimming pools, chlorine gas lines guarantee optimal water treatment.

What is chlorine gas?

Chlorine gas is 100% pure concentrated chlorine. It is packaged in bottles or tanks depending on the quantity. Like liquid or pebbled chlorine, it is used to disinfect pool water.

When to use it?

This disinfectant will mainly be used on large sites such as municipal swimming pools, aquatic centers…
Indeed, it saves space: 1 bottle of chlorine gas containing more than 500 liters of liquid chlorine.

What safety instructions should I follow?

  • Wearing a gas mask is mandatory when handling cylinders
  • Premises must be clean and well ventilated, free of flammable materials
  • The temperature of the room must be below 50°C
  • Provide a security case nearby
  • Use an ammonia vial to check for leaks during handling (white smoke will be emitted if there is a chlorine leak)
The advantages of chlorine gaz

The PLUS for your use

Easy to install and operate

Possible installation of equipment on panel

Robust and reliable equipment

Totally safe injection

Supply of all security elements

Equipment manufactured and dimensioned for public swimming pools and water parks

Adaptable to all types of bottles and all brands of chlorine gaz lines

  • Public swimming pools
  • Water parks
Material composition
  • Pre-regulators
  • Inverters
  • Flowmeters
  • Solenoid valves
  • Booster pumps
  • Hydro-ejectors
  • Leak detector
  • Security

Regulation of public pools

Public and collective swimming pools are governed by different water treatment standards to be respected…

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