Treatment of legionella in sanitary hot water

In order to fight against the problems linked to the treatment of legionella in sanitary hot water circuits, SYCLOPE Electronique offers complete water quality management solutions.

Legionella definition

traitement de la légionelle

These are bacteria naturally present in water and sludge, responsible for a respiratory disease, Legionnaire’s disease. They frequently colonise water networks, particularly domestic hot water networks, air conditioning systems and air cooling towers (ART).
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Legionella treatment :
Protection of sanitary hot water circuits

Chlorine measurements without loss of water and high temperature for domestic hot water systems (hospitals or large public establishments where hot water can be contaminated by legionella); continuous preventive disinfection, dosing of treatment products, etc.

Panoplie ECS : mesure et régulation du chlore en ECS

ECS PRO panel

Legionella prevention – Sanitary hot water measurement of chlorine concentration

UNISEAU : analyse et regulation de l'eau en milieu industriel


Multi-sector analysis and regulation solution: drinking water, waste water, industry..

Equipement d'analyse et regulation pour le controle de la qualite de l'eau


Equipment equivalent to the UNISEAU but capable of regulating several parameters at the same time

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