Swimming pools : maintenance of ph redox (ORP) probes

How do I commission or winterize the ph and redox sensors in swimming pools?
Here is some information on the handling to be followed…

OPERATING of pH redox (ORP) probes

The setup of pH and/or ORP electrodes includes :

  • The balancing of the pool water,
  • Probe wiring,
  • Polarization,
  • Adjustment: calibration of the measuring system.

How do I set up pH and/or redox probes?
Electrodes de pH CAA2503 - CAA2504Electrodes de Redox CAA2522

  • First of all, manually balance each water parameter: TAC, pH, chlorine, stabilizer, salinity…
  • Then insert the probes into the measuring chamber or pipe clamp,
  • Connect the BNC cable (1/4 turn) or SN6 (thread) correctly,
  • In order for the calibration to be optimal, its environment must be as stable as possible: flow, concentration, pressure. And in the case of regulation, the environment must also be as close as possible to the setpoint,
  • Wait until the value is completely stable in the solution to be measured (wait a few minutes), then use a photometer or reference solution (buffer solution) and adjust the value if necessary (depending on the required accuracy).

MAINTENANCE of pH and/or redox electrodes

In order to ensure the correct operation of pH or ORP probes and their lifespan, the maintenance and wintering phases are essential and certain steps must be respected.

How do I maintain pH and redox electrodes?

  • Regularly check the cleanliness of the glass and the electrode diaphragm,
  • Rinse under clear water if necessary and wipe with a soft cloth,
  • In case of prolonged stop phases (more than 1 month), the probe must be put back in its sheath (supplied with the probe) with a KCL conservation solution outside the expiry date in order to maintain its properties. Do not use demineralised water or tap water in place of the KCL solution, otherwise the electrodes may be damaged.

WINTERING of pH and redox sensors

How to winterize pH or redox electrodes?

  • Shut off the water supply to the measuring cell or the flow in the pipe,
  • Disconnect the BNC or SN6 connector from the pH or redox sensors,
  • Unscrew the electrode and remove it from the analysis chamber,
  • Use the KCL preservation solution (pay attention to the expiry date) and fill the preservation sleeve 2/3 full (sleeve contained in the original packaging),
  • Screw the probe into the sheath,
  • Put the package back in the packaging and keep it frost-free.

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