New measurement of trichloramine in the air

détection de la trichloramine dans l'air

How to measure the level of trichloramine in the air

SYCLOPE Electronique launches a new portable equipment for simplified the measurement of trichloramine in the air.

To better protect employees and swimmers by a clear determination of the rate

It has already been 10 years since SYCLOPE Electronique, French manufacturer of analysis and control equipment for water treatment, developed in partnership with the INRS (National Institute for Research and Safety) the VALISE TRIJLORAME for measuring trichloramine in the air.Maladies causées par la trichloramine dans l'air


What is the trichloramine ?

As a reminder, trichloramine in the air is an aerial derivative of chloramines contained in water. It is a very volatile gas that irritates the respiratory tract, eyes and skin. It results from the natural chemical combination of the chlorinated products used for the disinfection of water and the nitrogen pollution brought by the bathers’ organic matter (sweat, saliva, urine, bacteria, sun cream …)

A strong smell of chlorine, itchy eyes … swimmers and pool staff may be exposed to trichloramine in the air (also called Nitrogen Chloride) … recognized as an occupational disease in the category “Rhinitis and occupational asthma” (decree 2003-110 of 11/02/2003).

This is also why in recent years the ANSES (National Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Labor) advocates to integrate health monitoring, control of trichloramine in the air with an exposure limit value of 0.3 mg / m³.


A new tool efficient et reliable

Being aware of the health impact, a strong knowledge of the problem of implementing these measures in the field and after many years of collaboration, SYCLOPE Électronique and the INRS have decided to optimize the already marketed product and have developed a new portable tool for simple, fast and with a direct reading of trichloramine in the air rate.

With this new tool, the user is assured of a quality of measurement just as reliable as the previous one, to obtain an exposure rate in a simpler and faster way with a clear and exact indication of the value in mg / m³ trichloramine levels in the air.


  • Swimming pools: covered swimming pool, field house, lobby, technical room
  • Food industry: cleaning process (CIP)

In 4 steps, the trichloramine in the air rate is measured:

  • Air sampling (NO PUMP and NO CHEMICAL REAGENTS) for trichloramine fixing
  • Use of the pellet in a solution to dissolve the trichloramine molecules captured
  • Measure of the trichloramine in the air with the portable analyser
  • Direct reading of the rate in mg/m3

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