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Treatment: public swimming pool and aquatic center

SYCLOPE Electronique has maintained its leadership for many years in the fields of analysis and regulation of the physico-chemical parameters of swimming pool water and in particular of aquatic center and public swimming pool.

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An unfailing expertise in Aquatic Center!

Concerned about environmental issues and the optimisation of operating costs, SYCLOPE offers you adapted and modular solutions favouring energy savings, compliance with regulations for aquatic center, the efficiency of its equipment and the well-being of users…

From analysis to regulation, from ultrafiltration for the recycling of swimming pool filter washing water, from the measurement of trichloramine in the air, to on-site chlorine production, SYCLOPE is the essential expert for the quality of leisure water.

They’ve been trusting us for years!

Through its installers and partners, 3/4 of public swimming pools in France are equipped with SYCLOPE analysis and regulation equipment.
For example, the Municipal Swimming Pool of Billère (64) is equipped with regulators and an in situ chlorine generator.
The Pau Nautical Stadium also has regulators for water treatment, a chlorine gas line and an ultrafiltration unit for recycling filter washing water.


Nautical Center of Pau (64)

Ultrafiltration system for recycling filter wash water…


Nautical Center of Pau (64)

7 appareils de régulations pour le contrôle de la qualité de l’eau des différents bassins……


Nautical Center of Pau (64)

Complete chlorine gas line for optimal disinfection…


Municipal Pool of Billère (64)

In-situ chlorine generator for on-site chlorine production by salt electrolysis. The Municipal Swimming Pool of Billère (64) has been equipped with a system for more than 3 years and is very satisfied with it.


Aquatic Center of Granville (50)

Swimming pool equipped with ALTICEO controllers for multi-pool management…


Carcassonne Olympique (11)

System for in-situ chlorine production by salt electrolysis…

Our products to treat and control your pools

From the large aquatic center of 5 basins to the municipal swimming pool, SYCLOPE Electronique offers you a wide range of equipment for water analysis and regulation, solutions for chlorine production on site, measurement of trichloramine in the air, ultrafiltration, chlorine gas, photometers, dosing pumps…

We are here to support you …

Do you have any questions? Need a diagnosis, recommendations? Need a documentation, an estimate ? The SYCLOPE team is at your disposal …

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