Treatment: public swimming pool and aquatic center

SYCLOPE Electronique has maintained its leadership for many years in the fields of analysis and regulation of the physico-chemical parameters of swimming pool water and in particular of aquatic center.

unfailing expertise

Concerned about environmental issues and the optimisation of operating costs, SYCLOPE offers you adapted and modular solutions favouring energy savings, compliance with regulations for aquatic center, the efficiency of its equipment and the well-being of users…

From analysis to regulation, from ultrafiltration for the recycling of swimming pool filter washing water, from the measurement of trichloramine in the air, to on-site chlorine production, SYCLOPE is the essential expert for the quality of leisure water.

They’ve been trusting us for years!

Through its installers and partners, 3/4 of public swimming pools in France are equipped with SYCLOPE analysis and regulation equipment.
For example, the Municipal Swimming Pool of Billère (64) is equipped with regulators and an in situ chlorine generator.
The Pau Nautical Stadium also has regulators for water treatment, a chlorine gas line and an ultrafiltration unit for recycling filter washing water.

Our products to treat and regulate your pools

Analyseur et régulateur ALTICE'O pour piscines publiques


Monitoring the water quality of several basins at the same time and many parameters

Oditouch pour le traitement de l'eau despiscines publiques


For a multi-parameter and single pool control of your collective pools

TEREOTouchXL pour le controle du pH et du chlore en piscines collectives


The simple solution to analyse and control the chlorine and pH of your pools

Traceo - mesure absence de chlore ou ozone


The effective solution for measuring the absence of chlorine or ozone

Electrolyseur de sel pour génération de chlore sur site

Chlorine generator

On-site production of liquid chlorine by salt electrolysis for the treatment of swimming pool water

détection de la trichloramine dans l'air


Precise and professional measurement of trichloramine in air

UFPOOL-unité d'ultrafiltration pour le recyclage des eaux de lavage des piscines publiques


Recycling of filter wash water

Equipement de chlore gazeux


Chlorine gas line for the disinfection of water

photometre pour mesure de la qualité de l'eau


Multi-parameter photometers for regular water quality analysis (DPD measurement)

ECP : Pompes doseuses electromagnetiques


Electromagnetic, motor-driven, peristaltic dosing pumps and its accessories

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