hydrocom : remote access for private pools

HYDRO’Com – Communication interface for private swimming pools

Keep connected with complete simplicity: from wherever you are, you now have real-time access to your pool’s monitoring systems

HYDRO’Com is a communication interface specially designed and developed for private swimming pools. It permits control of the monitoring systems inherent to your pool in real-time and from a distance.

Realt-time and remote control via GSM, Wifi or Ethernet:

  • Water parameters
  • Lighting
  • Cleaning robot
  • Filtration pump
  • Heating
  • Tank level


  • Reading and return of information sent by the pool’s monitoring systems (water treatment, lighting, heating, cleaning robot…)
  • Direct data visualization and recording to HYDRO.MYSYCLOPE.COM
  • Monitoring and remote control of pool’s monitoring systems
  • In case of a breakdown, you are immediately informed. You will receive a SMS alert (paid option) or an email directly to your computer or Smartphone.


  • Adaptable to existing filtration boxes
  • Possibility of remote access to the pool’s monitoring systems with no limit hierarchial set up of users, installers groups…
  • Possible configuration of the HYDRO’Com using USB key (USB supplied with the HYDRO’Com)
  • Internal software updates by USB key
  • Simple monitoring
  • Friendly Internet interface
  • Compatible with all HYDRO range devices sold from January 2013


  • Private swimming pools
  • 4 potential free contact inputs:
    • to relay controls
    • to control level or ON/OFF – OPEN/CLOSED system detection (tank level, water level…)
      Direct or to program ON/OFF control input
  • 2 (RS232) inputs dedicated to SYCLOPE HYDRO devices for transmitting water analysis
  • 1 (4-20 mA) input for SYCLOPE temperature sensor
  • 4 programmable and assignable outputs for controlling any pool’s monitoring systems:
    • pool lighting
    • external lighting
    • cleaning robot
    • filtration pump
    • heating
    • tank level
    • other (customizable)
Communication port
  • 1 (RS485) communication port for access to all SYCLOPE devices
Time schedule
  • Assigning of different time slots in 30 minute intervals in a 24 hour time period to all programmable outputs independant one from the other
  • Covering one full week
  • GSM (GSM card in the HYDRO’Com box + 3G subscription card with the operator of your choice)
  • WIFI/Ethernet (connection to home network)

Nota: when installing the HYDRO’Com device, check if the area reception for GSM or WIFI is sufficient.

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Technical leaflet

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