hydrocom : remote access for private pools

HYDRO’COM : Connected pool

Swimming pool easily connected with the HYDRO’Com

Stay connected with ease: wherever you are, your pool live, your pool connected!

HYDRO’Com is a communication interface specially designed and conceived for private pools, allowing real-time and remote control of the various organs inherent to the pool. You stay permanently connected!

Remote control in real time via GSM, Wifi or Ethernet

The HYDRO’Com allows remote control of many key elements of the pool.

  • Water parameters
  • Lighting
  • Cleaning robot
  • Filtration pump
  • Heating
  • Tank level

HYDRO’Com features for connected swimming pools

  • First of all, the HYDRO’Com allows the reading and recovery of information transmitted by the various pool systems (water treatment, lighting, heating…),
  • Then, the visualization and recording of this data on the HYDRO.MYSYCLOPE.COM website,
  • Then, the remote control and management of the various pool systems,
  • And finally, in case of anomalies, you are immediately informed and receive an alert by SMS or email directly on your PC or Smartphone.
Advantages and assets of the HYDRO'Com

The PLUS for your use


The HYDRO'Com is adaptable to existing filtration boxes,


It is possible to remotely access the programming of the different pool systems in a hierarchical way,


The configuration of the HYDRO'Com box can be done by USB key from a PC,

Easy to set up

The USB key supplied with the HYDRO'Com allows you to set up and update it,

Web Interface

The proposed web interface is very user-friendly.

Made in France

  • Private swimming pools
  • 4 digital inputs (On/Off – potential-free contact) assignable to: relay control, level or state detection
  • ON/OFF or timed control input can be configured
  • 2 inputs (RS232) dedicated to the HYDRO range of instruments for the recovery of water analysis information
  • 1 input (4-20 mA) for temperature sensor SYCLOPE
  • 4 programmable and assignable outputs for the control of the different pool systems:
    • pool lighting
    • outdoor lighting
    • cleaning robot
    • filtration pump
    • heating
    • tank level
    • other (customizable)
Communication port
  • 1 communication port (RS485) with any other device of the SYCLOPE range
  • GSM (GSM card in the HYDRO’Com box + 3G subscription card from the operator of your choice)
  • WIFI / Ethernet (connection to the box already on site)

Note: make sure during installation that the HYDRO’Com box is in a sufficient GSM or Wifi reception area.

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