In-situ salt chlorinator

Electrolyseur au sel pour génération de chlore sur site
SYCLOPE finaliste au Trophée de l'innovation de la Piscine de Demain - décembre 20109
generation de chlore sur site par electrolyse de sel pour piscine

In-situ chlorine generator by salt chlorinator

In order to meet growing demand, SYCLOPE has integrated into its range a salt chlorinator specific to public and semi-public swimming pools for the generation of sodium hypochlorite on site.

The use of salt for chlorine production offers many considerable advantages for the health and safety of operators.

Advantages and technical benefits of the salt chlorinator :

  • First of all, the salt chlorinator makes it possible to avoid all deliveries and handling of dangerous chemicals,
  • Then it is equipped with an H2 detector supplied as standard throughout the range,
  • There is no emanation of chlorine vapour (airtight tank),
  • No product degradation: constant concentration,
  • The highlight is the on-site production of chlorine,
  • In addition, a single electrolysis system is required for multiple injection points using only a common product storage tank and metering pumps,
  • On the other hand, it guarantees less clogging of the injection point compared to sodium and calcium hypochlorites on the market, due to the low mineral content of the solution produced,
  • Maintenance is simple and low frequency,
  • It is an economical solution: salt is cheaper than chlorine + acid saving at the pool level,
  • In addition, the lifetime of the cell is more than 5 years,
  • Finally the equipment is simple, safe and reliable: automatic process, open non-membrane system
  • It is skid-mounted, easy to install, commission and operate: "Plug and Play",
  • And finally, the supply of salt is simpler compared to chlorine.


for good water quality

  • Public pools, aquatic centres
  • Hotels, Campsites
  • Private swimming pools
  • Any process with chlorine injection
Production capacity
  • 30, 60, 90, 240, 480, 560,1100 or 2200 g/h
Chlorine concentration
  • 5-7 g/l
Concentrated sodium hypochlorite equivalent
  • 4,8 l/day for a production capacity of 30 g/h
  • 9,6 l/day for a production capacity of 60 g/h
  • 14,4 l/day for a production capacity of 90 g/h
  • 38,4 l/day for a production capacity of 240 g/h
  • 76,8 l/day for a production capacity of 480 g/h
  • 92 l/day for a production capacity of 560 g/h
  • 183 l/day for a production capacity of 1100 g/h
  • 366 l/day for a production capacity of 2200 g/h
  • 30 l (30 -60 – 90 g/h)
  • 200 l (240 – 480 g/h)
  • 300 to 2000 l (560 to 2200 g/h)
  • PE (30 -60 – 90 – 240 – 480 – 560 – 1100 – 2200 g/h)

Salt Electrolyser of the Municipal Swimming Pool of Billère (64)

production de chlore sur site par electrolyse de sel pour piscine

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Public and collective swimming pools are governed by different water treatment standards to be respected…

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