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Episode 1: Membrane change

How to change a membrane for chlorine or bromine sensor ?membrane pour sonde de chlore ou brome

Many of you ask us the question of how to properly change a membrane. Here some important information:

  • Can we reuse a membrane?
    The answer is no. Once used, it must be thrown away.
  • Are the electrodes really fragile?
    Yes, you must not rub them. Just stamp them as shown in the video.
  • Can the electrolyte bottle be reused once opened?
    Yes, but after each use, the bottle must be well closed. It can be used before the expiry date. For information, a bottle can fill up to 3 membranes.
  • Should the membrane be fully tightened when mounted on the probe?
    Yes, it is very important to screw it until you can not tighten it anymore.

The following video shows you in detail how to change a membrane of chlorine or bromine probe