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Treatment: thermal water and thalassos

Thermal water or water from therapeutic centres have their own properties. To ensure optimal water quality, SYCLOPE Electronique offers a range of equipment adapted and adaptable to each type of water.

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The requirement for optimal water quality!

It is essential to be able to guarantee that the particularity of thermal water and thalassos is conserved and protected. Thanks to a know-how acquired over many years, SYCLOPE offers dedicated measurement solutions for charged waters, salt waters (sea water) with a measurement quality equivalent to that of more “standard” waters.

They have trusted us for years!

Thermal waters and thalassos water are very particular and fine to work with. SYCLOPE has been accompanying CALICEO wellness centers for many years and many other sites as well…



The CALICEO centers are equipped with analysis and regulation devices…



Dosing pumps, tanks and holding tanks for chemical products…

Our products to treat and regulate your pools

Thermal spas, wellness, thalassotherapy and fitness centers, SYCLOPE offers various possibilities for optimal water quality management…

We are here to support you …

Do you have any questions? Need a diagnosis, recommendations? Need a documentation, an estimate ? The SYCLOPE team is at your disposal …

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