Pool water treatment

Pool water in the broadest sense of the word represents many different and varied qualities of water. Public pools, private pools, hotel or camping pools, spas, zoological pools… Each of these meet specific sanitary constraints. Each one must be treated and controlled in a different way.
Each water has its own treatment!

Réglementation appliquées en piscine publique

Public Pools - Aquatic Centers

Controle de la qualite de l'eau des eaux de loisirs : piscines, campings, hotels, spas

Hotels - Campsites - Spas

Thermal water and thalassotherapy water treatment

Thermal waters - Thalassotherapy

controle de la qualite de l eau de piscines privees

Private pools

Marineland Antibes - traitement de l'eau SYCLOPE

Zoological parks - Aquariums

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