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Water treatment: hotels, campsites, spas

Because you need simple and effective solutions that meet your needs and the regulations for pools receiving the public, SYCLOPE Electronique offers you a wide range of equipment for the treatment of commercial pool: hotel pools, campsites and spas.

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Regulations of public and commercial pool

All standards for public pools are applicable to commercial pools.
These pools are also controlled by the ARS and must therefore be equipped with an automated system for a global and continuous management of the pool water quality.

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Simple and effective solutions: swimming pool, camping, hotel, spas…

Reliable equipment that automatically manages your pools and with the possibility of real-time remote monitoring of your pools and the management of alerts in case of anomalies.

A dedicated and simplified range compared to the equipment offered in public swimming pools and aquatic centres.

Peace of mind, SYCLOPE keeps an eye open.

They have trusted us for years!

SYCLOPE offers water treatment solutions adapted to commercial pool : hotel and campsite swimming pools as well as to spas and vacation centers…


Camping Casa e Natura (Corse)

In-situ chlorine generator for on-site chlorine production…


Camping Blue Océan (40)

Swimming pools equipped with controllers from the TEREO range…


Hôtel Beaumont***** (64)

Piscine équipée d’un régulateur de la gamme INDIGO…

Our products to treat and regulate your commercial pool…

From hotel swimming pools to camping pools and spas, SYCLOPE Electronique offers a wide range of equipment for water analysis and regulation, solutions for on-site chlorine production, chlorine gas, photometers, dosing pumps…

We are here to support you …

Do you have any questions? Need a diagnosis, recommendations? Need a documentation, an estimate ? The SYCLOPE team is at your disposal …

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