Analyzer/Controller manuals

Analyzers and Controller manuals

You will find all the commercial and technical documentation for the commissioning of our water processing equipment.

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Swimming Pool Water Range

Analyseur et régulateur ALTICE'O pour piscines publiques


Traceo - mesure absence de chlore ou ozone

TRACEO range

ODISEA - mesure chlore pH temperature piscine

ODISEA range

Remplaced by ODITouch range

TEREO : pour l'analyse et la regulation de l'eau de piscines

TEREO range

Remplaced by TEREO Touch XL range

TEREO Touch pour le controle du pH et du chlore dans les piscines publiques

TEREO Touch range

Remplaced by TEREO Touch XL range

Old HYDRO range

Remplaced by HYDRO Touch range

Drinking water – Process water

COOLPAC - tours aerorefrigerantes



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