Pool chemicals… Nothing changes for the HYDRO Touch range !

As of February 1, 2021, the use of pool chemicals, precursors to explosives in swimming pools is updated. What does this really mean? And what about water treatment?

New regulations for explosives precursors : pool chemicals

On February 1, 2021, a new European regulation concerning the use of pool chemicals, precursors of explosives, will come into force (règlement (UE) 2019/1148) in order to prevent the illicit manufacture of explosives as much as possible. What will this mean for the use of chemicals in swimming pools?

For consumers

Consumers with swimming pools will no longer be able to purchase hydrogen peroxide with a concentration greater than 12% and sulfuric acid (pH minus liquid) with a concentration greater than 15%.

Persons who purchased restricted explosives precursors before 01/02/2021 will be able to keep and use these products before 02/02/2022.

“The possession, introduction, and use by members of the general public of restricted explosives precursors that were lawfully acquired prior to February 1, 2021, are authorized until February 2, 2022.”

For professionals

For pool professionals, various requirements have been put in place:

  • Supply chain information to ensure clear identification of all actors in the supply chain and all customers.
  • Make sure not to make “available to natural or legal persons who are professionally active in sectors where specific restricted explosives precursors are not generally used for professional purposes, or to natural or legal persons engaged in activities unrelated to professional purposes. “
  • Similarly for online activities/sales: put in place specific procedures to “detect any suspicious transactions.”
  • It is necessary to obtain a declaration from the individual customer, verify the conditions of final use of the products, the identity of the customer (ID and VAT number if applicable)
  • Report suspicious transactions, disappearances and thefts to be declared within 24 hours
  • Raise awareness and train

For the HYDRO Touch range of controllers, this has absolutely no impact!

In swimming pools, the main explosive precursors concerned are :

  • pH (Sulfuric Acid): Previously, the required pH concentration was 40.6%. With the new regulation, the pH concentration must be 15% (maximum).
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: Initial concentration of 34%. Today, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide must be 12% (maximum).

The HYDRO Touch range guarantees the same water quality for your pool

In order to guarantee the same water quality, it is necessary to inject more product. To inject more product, it is imperative that the dosing pumps be able to meet this need. This is what our HYDRO Touch range guarantees with its 2.4 l/h pumps, which ensure a continuous and faster injection to reach the desired set point.

Moreover, the dosing time of the HYDRO Touch controllers is not blocked and can even be parameterized.  If, for example, it is used dosing pumps with a low flow rate which will require more injection time to reach the set point, the SYCLOPE pumps controlled by the HYDRO Touch will not block and will allow to reach the desired set point.

- Operation not disturbed by new chemical concentrations,
- Adaptation to already installed controllers,
- Dosing pumps with flow rates up to 2.4 l/h for optimized injection times,
- Adjustable dosing times to avoid blockages in the injection of the product,
- The guarantee of the same water quality!

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