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Régulateur TEREO Touch XL pour le contrôle de la qualité de l'eau des piscines collectives

From TEREO Touch to TEREO Touch XL

TEREO Touch XL : More simplicity and efficiency

SYCLOPE Electronique has upgraded its TEREO Touch range of controllers to TEREO Touch XL. Thanks to the evolution of this equipment specially dedicated to the water treatment of public and collective swimming pools, you can now manage the water quality in pools in an even simpler and more intuitive way.

Significant new assets:

The TEREO Touch XL version is a very easy to use equipment ensuring an optimal water quality control for a very good quality/price ratio.

  • An even larger touch screen for a better visualization of the parameters and control of the pool water quality,
  • Self-powered by the 230 V power outputs of the dosing units thanks to the dry contact control,
  • Simplified and very intuitive use of the equipment,
  • A remote communication option,
  • Simple and low frequency maintenance: 1 kit to be changed once or twice a year,
  • For all types of pool volume and all types of chlorine (stabilized or not),
  • Suitable for spas as well as Olympic pools
TEREOTouch nouveau régulateur pour piscines collectives

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