ODITouch: chlorine and ph public pool controller!

SYCLOPE launches the ODITouch at the beginning of 2020 and proposes a new efficient and functional device for measuring and regulating water treatment in public swimming pools.

The ODITouch, a new swimming pool controller, allows mono-basin and multi-parameter analysis.

What does the ODITouch enable?

Single-pool automatic analysis, regulation and dosing:

  • The ODITouch makes it possible to control and manage several different parameters in a single pool,
  • The device is very simple and easy to use thanks to its touch screen that gives a global overview of water parameters, alarms……
  • In addition, it calculates the chloramines in the water and gives a clear indication of the rate,
  • Then, to facilitate its installation, the ODITouch is available on a pre-mounted and pre-wired panel,
  • Finally, it is equipped as standard with Wifi communication for remote monitoring.
Oditouch pour le traitement de l'eau despiscines publiques

Reminder of the SYCLOPE SWIMMING POOLS range

For more than 30 years SYCLOPE has been developing and manufacturing analysis and regulation devices for water treatment. Its range dedicated to swimming pools enables to meet the different expectations of operators and users. A diverse and complete range for everyone’s needs.

Public and Olympic pools and aquatic centers

Semi-public swimming pools: hotels, campsites, spas...


Multi-parameters and Multi-pools


Multi-parameters and Single-pool


Up to 3 controlled parameters for single pool


One parameter and One pool

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