Solution for isolated sites

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Analysis, Control, Dosing powered by solar panels

Solution for water treatment in isolated sites withotut electricity: autonomous unit with solar panels.


  • Controlled measures: chlorine, pH, conductivity, salinity…
  • Turnkey solution sizable following each site and technical issues
  • Self-contained unit supplied with 24 V solar panel
  • Data transfers
  • Compact system
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  • Isolated areas: mountains, countryside, desert…
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  • Chlorine
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Salinity
Power supply 24 V
  • 24 V solar panel
  • Sizing of solar panels according to geographical location
  • Sizing of batteries following sunshine and autonomy needed
Measures and
  • Choice of measure: wide range of sensors and electrodes
  • Choice of dosing: dosing pumps to adapt according to your needs (pressure, flow, material…)
  • Data transfer by GSM to Internet site
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