Cu/Pt – Copper/Platinum measuring cells

Mesure du brome eau de mer

For measuring chlorine or bromine

The Cu/Pt measuring chambers have been specially developed for a clear and precise analysis of chlorine or bromine. The copper/platinum probe guarantees the reliability of the measurement.

This transparent modular measuring chamber is to be placed in a nozzle (via a sample rod) after the recirculation pump before the filter with discharge to the sewer.

Other versions are available for measuring chlorine or bromine + pH + temperature.

Translated with


  • Seawater pools,
  • Thermal waters,
  • Thalassos,
  • Any process that clogs.

Possible measures:

  • Active chlorine and active bromine,
  • pH,
  • Temperature.

What are its benefits?

  • Probe for measuring active bromine and active chlorine called "copper/platinum" self-cleaning by cobalt beads,
  • Integrated inductive flow sensor with stainless steel ludion,
  • Sampling present on the cell,
  • Flow rate adjustment by needle,
  • Integrated transmitter to allow a large distance between the measuring chamber and the controller,
  • Specially developed for seawater bromine.
Marineland Antibes - traitement de l'eau SYCLOPE
  • Seawater pools
  • Thalassos
  • Thermal waters


Les piscines publiques et collectives sont régies par différentes normes de traitement d’eau à respecter…

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