Free Chlorine sensors

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FREE CHLORINE SENSOR CAA2306 – 0 -10 ppm (Gold)

Chlorine measuring cells type CAA2306 are used to measure free chlorine (HOCl and OCI) and organically bound chlorine (to cyanuric acid in the form of trichloroisocyanuric acid or sodium dichloroisocyanurate-bound chlorine) in swimming pool water or water with same quality


  • Amperometric measurement
  • Continuous accurate and reliable analysis
  • Fast execution
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  • Swimming pools
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  • Water of similar quality
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  • Free chlorine with or without cyanuric acid
Measurement range
  • 0,1 – 10 ppm
pH range
  • 5,5 – 9,5 pH
Temperature range
  • 5 – 45°C (internal controlled)
Sensitivity to
cyanuric acid
  • No sensitivity, if > 5 mg/l of cyanuric acid
Maximum pressure and
supply flow
  • 3 bars
  • Mini : 20 l/h
  • Maxi : 100 l/h
  • Recommanded : 30l/h
Starting time and
definitive calibration
  • First calibration after 2h
  • After 24h
Membrane cap lifetime
  •  Currently 1 year (according to water quality)
Membrane and Electrolyte
  • Membrane : CAA2509
  • Electrolyte :CAA2511
Material and
protection type
  • Black PVC
  • IP 65
Supply voltage and
output signal
  • 16-24 VDC
  • 4-20 mA
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Free Chlorine – CAA2306


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