For more than 30 years, SYCLOPE Electronique has been developing and manufacturing measurement and regulation devices for the treatment of swimming pool, drinking and industrial water…

Installed in the heart of Béarn, near the Spanish border, its strategic location outside the large conurbations, ensures perfect conditions for its development, its serenity and the quality of its work.

This exceptional environment makes SYCLOPE Electronique a high-performance company with innovative ideas and ideal working conditions. In the interest of all, SYCLOPE Electronique strives to maintain, by the quality of its services, the guarantee of a good monitoring of water quality and thus contributes to the future of our planet and its aquatic environment.

Sauvagnon Factory – 1500 M²


The strength of SYCLOPE Electronique is that it has a design office, a production unit and the possibility to develop and manufacture all types of equipment for the analysis and control of water quality.

studies & conceptions

SYCLOPE Electronique, is a high-performance Design Office and a team at your disposal to offer you permanent support, whether commercial, technical… in the realization of your projects:

> Technical and commercial support in your answers to calls for tenders
> Feasibility and needs studies
> Development of specifications
> Normative information…

A know-how and adapted and high-performance tools for the electronic, mechanical, optical and computer design phases…

The design stage is a crucial step in the life of a product. That is why we provide you with the necessary tools and qualified personnel to create the “ideal” product according to your needs.


SYCLOPE Electronique is also a “Made in France” production unit:

> High-performance and controlled production tools
> Regular checks and functional tests
> Production of electronic, mechanical, hydraulic, optical and laser equipment…

The design stage is a crucial step in the life of a product. For this reason, we provide you with the necessary tools and qualified personnel to create, according to your needs, the “ideal” product.

Our mastery of manufacturing processes, project management, compliance with standards, and our experience in the field are all assets that allow us to develop the product that corresponds to your needs and those of the market.

O.E.M., Product Customization

SYCLOPE Electronique, it is also the possibility to create and/or customize your products:

> Specific products
> Customizations
> Integrations
> Electronic cards…

Many of you in France and abroad already trust us in the production of your products.

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